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Workplace Wellness 


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Maintaining balance can be challenging, especially today.  Demands at work, home, and within our communities seem greater than ever before. With constantly evolving technology, we can be reached by phone, email, text message and social media simultaneously. Meeting requests and demands for our attention and time can become overwhelming. 

How do we handle it all? Is there a way to create balance? How do we stay connected, balanced, productive all while leaving time to nurture our mental and physical health and wellness? This is a problem that many individuals and businesses face every day. 

When we are overwhelmed with demands and out of balance it is easy to see how we can fall behind both at work and home. We are more vulnerable to illness, and stress related symptoms when we are not maintaining a balance in life. Many businesses have begun to recognize the impact of these and other health related issues affecting workplace satisfaction and productivity. EAP programs, wellness incentives, and relaxation promoting services such as in office yoga or massages have become more common in many businesses large and small. 

Developing a program that meets the needs of your workplace takes time, energy, and attention from health focused professionals.

We can help from start to finish, with a range of services including (but not limited to)

- Workplace Wellness Presentations or Lunch and Learn seminars on a range of topics

- Consultations for management or HR regarding challenging office dynamics or changes

- Design a health and wellness incentive program to promote healthy behaviors

- Facilitate group discussions 

- Provide crisis response during stressful situations affecting employees

- Programming to address Compassion Fatigue or  "burn out"


Benefits of Workplace Wellness Programing

- Happy, Healthy Employees produce more and stay with companies that care

- Insurance costs may be reduced

- Reduction in sick leave, absenteeism

- Aquire and retain top talent by offering benefits that promote health and wellness

I would love to help your company create the program that benefits your employees and promotes health, happiness, and abundance for your entire team. Give me a call today to schedule a consultation.

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