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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy, Marital Therapy and Intensive Sessions

What is a Couples Intensive?

These sessions are longer than the normal therapy hour. Session can range from 90 minutes to 180 minutes.

What happens during an intensive session?
Following an initial intake, an intensive session involves discussion between partners around issues in which they find difficulty agreeing or compromising. Relationship patterns, connection, communication styles and approachs are evaluated and new strategies are often introduced to facilitate improved connection and communication.

What is involved at intake if I schedule an Intensive Session (90minutes or more)? 
The couple will schedule an intake of at least 90 minutes for the first session. An initial meeting with both partners occurs, followed by individual evaluations. Following evaluations and individual meeting, both partners return for feedback and goal setting. Typically 1-2 individual meetings occur with each partner prior to begining intensive sessions.

What is the cost of intensive couples therapy? Most insuracnce plans will cover part, but not all of the intensive sessions. Typically insurance providers cover 45-60 minutes. Insurance reimbursment varies depending on the plan.
The cost of a 90 minute session is $195.00. 
Each additional 30 minute increment is an additional $50.00

Intensive session includes individual and couples directives and excercises
Personal Gottman Relationship Check-up and feedback about relationship strengths and vulnerabilities
Communication strategies
Fair fighting instructions
Suggestions to couples hoping to strengthen emotional bond and re-ignite physical and emotional intimacy

What if I can only schedule for an hour? 

You will receive the same information, experiences, and feedback. Your overall process may take longer as working with and acknowledging both partners during every session takes  more time than individual therapy. 

Can I work with you for individual and couples therapy?

I may meet with each individual at least once during the assessment phase. If you at any time recognize that individual therapy would help you reach your goals, can you can certainly begin that process. In fact, I frequently recommend that Both partners work with an individual and couple's therapist throughout the healing process. I cannot provide both couple's and individual therapy to the same client. This could hinder progress in one or both settings, so it is best to work with a separate therapist for best results. I have several excellent referrals I can provide if you decide to pursue individual therapy.